No more guesswork. We make fitness measurable.

With powrlink, you can now harvest the complete data of each and every training session, visualize it, and compare it to your personal best. Optimize your performance with powrlink now!

Now with data export option!

powrlink Web View enables any customer to access and export their previously recorded workout sessions to an open .CSV format. Just pull it into your spreadsheet software and analyze every aspect of your training!

Introducing the powrlink Sensor

In this example the powrlink Sensor is hooked in-between the fixation and the pulley suspension fitness device
Works with most suspension devices including aeroSling pulley suspension trainers
Start reading data in seconds with either an Apple or Android device and the free powrlink App

You are improving… right?

Often times it´s hard to tell. Especially in Functional Training it becomes very complex as there are many factors involved. Even if you use standard fitness trackers you don´t really get the juicy performance data. They are mostly guessing how you are performing during your workout.

Fitness trackers can roughly assume your calorie consumption and sometimes even count the repetitions as well as let you log your workout. But the most important factor is the actual resistance that you worked against and exactly how you did it.

Time under tension, weight velocity, peak resistance: powrlink Sensor records it all and gives you the complete data of each and every training session.

Small but powrfull

powrlink Sensor is an extremely compact device you can connect to your fitness equipment and which records and visualizes the force that is created during your workout. Simply hook it in-between the handle of a cable tower or other equipment and it’s go time! It continuously measures force data and shows it on your smartphone or tablet.

We made sure the powrlink Sensor is as small as possible so that you can take it wherever you want to go. It is so small that it fits into any pocket while offering load measurement of up to 120 kg. Designed and built in Germany.

Unique Features

Graphical live feedback…

For the first time, you can make complex movements measurable and adjust your training accordingly. powrlink Sensor measures every movement and shows you the current resistance, weight velocity, and your overall workload in easily understandable numbers and a live graph. Invaluable information will be right at your fingertips.

…and in-depth analysis

The resistance curve of every rep will show you how you are performing. Is it very steep? Maybe you should perform each rep slower. Do the peaks not reach the same height later in the workout? Then you are not producing as much force. powrlink Sensor gives you information that no other device can.

Complete history of every rep, set, workout…

Compare against your previous sets live and see how far behind (or ahead) you are from your personal best. After the workout you can deep dive into analysis of every repetition of every set. Compare the peak resistance and weight velocity of your exercises and your total workload across the whole training session.

Machine or Functional Training? We’ve got you covered.

powrlink Sensor can be used with a wide variety of fitness equipment. Hook it in-between your suspension fitness device and the anchor point, connect it to a resistance band, use it on a rower or cable tower. powrlink Sensor is as plug-and-play as it gets!

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Simply open the app and select the device that pops up. Done.

Yes, of course. In the app, you can generate a unique QR Code for every powrlink. Just print it and every user that wants to connect to a specific powrlink can scan the QR Code with the app. In this way, you can switch between several machines and powrlinks during your workout and still accumulate the complete data without friction.

powrlink can be charged with a standard Micro-USB cable. powrlink Sensor has a powerful LiPo battery and an advanced, low-energy architecture which enables over 7 days of active use on one charge.

Yes, there is an app for each OS.

powrlink is optimized for up to 120 kg of peak resistance but has a much higher breaking point in order to provide a high safety margin.

No, all data is stored in the cloud and you will have full access to it from whatever device you sign in with.

No. The powrlink App features a „x2“ option in the exercise selection. Simply connect powrlink with one handle and we assume that you move both arms with the same load (would look weird otherwise anyway ;-).

Suspension trainers, strength bands, rowers, sprint vests with resistance, cable towers, barbells (with accessories – tba), endless rope trainers, Keiser Functional Trainer, Stroops… basically anything with a carabiner to connect to.

*potentially – because you will need to ask the manufacturer if they allow to use the device with powrlink Sensor.

powrlink Sensor is not water resistant so please do not use it in the rain or damp conditions.

powrlink Sensor is a force measurement tool that also has a built-in accelerometer. At the moment, we do not show the acceleration data in the app. This will change in the future as we introduce more advanced features.

powrlink Sensor sends A LOT of data during active use. Some smart devices might slow down the graphical display or even crash. We are unable to test all smart devices on the market for compatibility.